Sunday, 28 February 2021

What's inside PARAGON #27?


PARAGON #27 sees more classic Bulldog, with the start of a two parter - Nipon.

Created by Jason Cobley (Brawler, Commando) and illustrated by Keiran MacDonald. Nipon sees our hero try his hand at diplomatic relations, to broker a peace deal between the Nazis, the Vegenation and Blighty. 

Beer, Sumo wrestling and a randy Russian? What can possibly go wrong?


Saturday, 27 February 2021

Kickstarter for PARAGON #27 now live!


This issue's cover story is a murder mystery buddy-buddy story featuring two warring classical composers turned amateur detectives. It's a comedy.
If that doesn't grab you, how about a sumo wrestling anthropomorphic Bulldog?
Or the sequel to the tale of Icarus - the boy who flew too close to the sun... and was rescued by aliens?
Or the latest episode of the celestial enforcement agents sent to earth to arrest an escaped demon?
Or a little seen reprint of a short tale by the late Si Spencer? And more!
32 pages, A4 magazine sized action adventure anthology.
Lots of reward options including back issues, graphic novels, t-shirts and original art!
Back the Kickstarter and join us in one of the longest running small press comics 😃

Friday, 12 February 2021

New for the next Kickstarter

As the new issue of PARAGON nears completion and we gear up for another Kickstarter, here's a sneak peak at a new reward level we are launching;

Grab a groovy T-shirt featuring Wotan from the latest episode of Brahms & Liszt!

Coming very soon!