Tuesday, 30 April 2013

PARAGON #13 - Out now!!

It's finally here! Click the link on the right to order your copy via lulu.com for another fantastic edition of the acclaimed British anthology comic featuring all the regulars;
Jikan - the time travelling demon hunter
Spencer Nero - the British pulp adventurer with a secret behind his Janus mask
Oor Ganesh - the Hindu god who grew up on Tayside?!
Icarus Dangerous - the boy whose wings melted and he fell to earth.. to be rescued by aliens!
The Anti-Social Network - a short terror tale to chill your bones!

Only £2.50

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Spencer Nero and the Ruthless Rhymer, by Greg Meldrum with art by Bhuna (lettering by Nikki Foxrobot)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sid James

You'd think his face would lend itself to my style, what with it being so craggy, but this was surprisingly hard to get the likeness in contrasts!

Cushing & Sons. Coming soon...

Hunting were-lions in Africa (and trying to channel Paul Grist)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Coming soon

So you like Commando pocket books? And Hammer horror films? Then you might like this!
Coming soon.
Written by Mark Howard. Art by Davey Candlish. Cover coloured by Jim Cameron

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Coming in 2013

Some of you may be wondering what has happened to Jikan Leviathan - our webcomic of which I published the first 6 episodes on here earlier in the year? Well, writer Matt McLaughlin found real life getting in the way of the writing so we have had to postpone the run again (I have the script up to episode 8 but should I run the two episodes yet to air? Or wait until we can continue to the exciting end? Let me know if you want to see what I have)
To help you get over the disappointment, here's a quick sneak peak at more art from Jikan Book Three, this from Ross Bampfylde from a tale written by Mark Howard.