Friday, 22 January 2010

New review of PARAGON #4

There's a new review of issue 4 up on the Forbidden Planet blog today

and anyone directed here from there can buy an issue by clicking on the cover on the right of the screen.

All of the reviews up on t'interweb have been generally positive, with a few constructive criticisms to take on board for the next issues - it all goes to making a better comic in the future.

Wait 'til you see what's coming your way in the next few issues!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

First post of the year!

I was going to do a review of my cinematic high (and low) lights of the year for 2009 as my first post, but thought you'd prefer some pretty pictures and news instead;

Jikan carries on a pace; here's a pencil frame from the 15 page story I'm drawing, and James Corcoran has added a few panels to his blog from the script he is illustrating, entitled "Caves of Death" which you can see here

Along with a fantastic cover/pin-up from the talent that is Don Franco, and other contributions promised from the 2000ad boarders, this strip is going to run and run!

PARAGON #5 is due back from the printers next week, so keep an eye out to the right here; as soon as the cover appears there, it means I'll be taking orders! And believe me - it's a corker!

Oh, and regarding my top films of last year? In the order I saw them;

The Reader



Let The Right One In

State of Play

Star Trek

Inglorious Basterds

And the ones I might buy on DVD just so I can jump up and down on them to vent my fury at wasting my life watching them;

The Spirit


Honestly, they were shit!