Friday, 24 March 2017

PARAGON - 20 not out!

You know, there are professional magazines that don't reach twenty issues and yet here we are still going strong with such a fantastic line up of stories; Jikan - the time travelling demon hunter, Bulldog - the anthropomorphic protector of the skies above Blighty, Spencer Nero - the British agent who gains power whenever he dons the mask of Janus, and Ganesh - the adventures of the elephant headed Hindu god. And that's just the regulars! 
This issue also sees a 10 page self contained story from HdE and Dan Harris, where adventurers join forces to fight an extra-terrestial threat to their way of life.

PARAGON isn't an homage or pastiche of the British anthologies that I grew up reading but a continuation of that fine style and with this issue I thought I'd nail my colours to the mast and try and emulate the type of covers that comics like Warlord, Battle and Eagle had way back when.

#20 will be out next month, chock full of rip roaring adventures and antics - be sure to buy it!

Monday, 20 March 2017

AAIIEEE!!! rises from the grave

Feeling inspired by giving my old House of Hammer magazines a re-read, I've decided to resurrect the horror comic again in homage to that fantastic publication. Here's the cover illustration (without the copy - I don't want to give the contents away just yet!)
If you love Hammer films, comic strips or tales with a twist, you are going to love this!