Saturday, 17 January 2009

PARAGON 4 almost there...

As PARAGON 4 nears completion, I think I can drop a few teasers out;

Paul Harrison Davies has contributed another excellent back page, and I hope to have another piece of his artwork inside the magazine too - if he can fit me into his busy schedule - have you seen his work for the cover of Bruce Campbells' biography? Brilliant stuff!

Stephen Prestwood takes over on the artwork front for the latest chapter of Battle Ganesh from me, with another script from the Emperor, and has turned in some fantastic pages -all I need to do is get it lettered, and we are done.

Speaking of the Emperor, we also have the next installment of Undertow from his pen, taking over from Pete Salmond who appears to have vanished into the ether.

And the other strip this time round is written by my Dad and his old mate Terry! Actually it's a TV script they wrote in the wake of the very first series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet which they then touted round local production companies with no success, until I decided to adapt it into a comic strip, and the blurb reads;
Six Geordies, one bus, several crates of beer, and a whole lot more trouble!

So it's all looking rather good indeed....