Saturday, 1 August 2015

It's been far too long...

But I promise you the next issue is on it's way! A lot of the delay has been entirely down to me and the long promised Brahms & Liszt and episode 3 of Bludd and Xandi have been held over once again until the next issue.

Jikan; Shimasu concludes this issue and we have a great new Spencer Nero tale featuring the Reckless Return of the Ruthless Rhymer!

The next fantastic episode of Bulldog features Stephen Prestwood on art again (and, of course, written by his creator Jason Cobley) and is being lettered up by the brilliant and ridiculously talented Jim Campbell, who has done so much to make PARAGON the quality production it is.

I still hope to have the next episode of El Bigote within the covers but that is slightly out of my hands - we will still have four of five strips to entertain and excite you with!

Tell your friends! And keep checking back here in the next week or so for updates!