Wednesday, 22 April 2020

PARAGON #25 - what's inside?

Eldritch - the paranormal investigator - makes his PARAGON debut!
By Cobley, Newell & Candlish.

Sunday, 19 April 2020

PARAGON #25 - what's inside?

Join our heroes Spencer Nero and Captain Bulldog in a double length adventure as they join forces to defeat the politician who wants to rid the land of foreigners by burning them in a giant WG Grace shaped wicker man! It's as bonkers as it sounds!

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Saturday, 18 April 2020

PARAGON #25 - the silver anniversary - OUT NOW!!

Not many small press comics reach 25 issues these days.
Hell, not many comics from anywhere reach 25 issues!

But here we are, celebrating our silver anniversary and still going strong!

Our cover story sees Bludd & Xandi return to our pages, the celestial agents are sent to hell to question their prisoner...   Written by Mark Howard, pencils by Tom Newell with added colours by 2000AD artdroid Karen Holloway.
Spencer Nero celebrates by joining forces with Captain Winston Bulldog in a double length adventure written by Greg Meldrum and illustrated by Scott Twells.
Paranormal investigator Eldritch makes his PARAGON debut! Created by regular contributor and small press stalwart Jason Cobley, Eldritch receives a package which states it contains a unicorn egg. Surely not?!

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Sunday, 5 April 2020

PARAGON #25 - coming soon!

The self isolating imposed upon us because of COVID-19 has an upside - I've actually got some art done! This means that issue 25 (yes, that's TWENTY FIVE!!) of PARAGON is well on the way to completion and sees the return of the Celestial enforcement agents, Bludd & Xandi, on the cover.

How many small press comics reach such a milestone? They are few and far between. If you haven't tried this action adventure anthology yet, give it a go and see what you have been missing. Buy a few back issues by clicking the links on the side >>>>>>