Saturday, 28 May 2016

PARAGON Special Edition - Stephen Prestwood

The next issue will be completely art by Stephen Prestwood. 
I hope this will be a fitting tribute to his talents.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Stephen Prestwood

I was truly saddened to hear that my friend and fellow artist, Stephen Prestwood, has passed away. I've known Stephen for years; I think my first contact with him was around 2003 when he was drawing Bulldog in Jason Cobley's BAM! comic and we were both frequenting the Pencil Monkey forums hosted by PJ Holden. He took the piss out of me from a very early stage and I thought, here's someone I'm going to get on with. When I started looking for contributors to my own comic, his bold cartoony style was the first I thought of and he was the perfect fit  for Battle Ganesh. taking over from me as artist on issue 4

He went on to illustrate the complete Icarus Dangerous saga (available here) and then switched to return to his stint as Bulldog artist - a character he had drawn a decade earlier in Bulldog's own comic, BAM!

The writing team on PARAGON and I have agreed the next issue should be a tribute to his talent, reprinting some of his amazing art from his contributions to the strips he was involved with over the many years of small press work he did. I'm sure you'll agree, it will be an amazing issue celebrating his abilities.

A great guy and a great talent who will be sorely missed.

R.I.P Mr P.