Sunday, 13 September 2009

PARAGON #5 cover?

I was all set in my mind to go with Julian Ruby as the cover star for issue 5 - the hitman who's as quick with a quip as he is with his gun, when I sat down with a pencil last night and drew this.

An aged, battle scarred Ganesh - quite a catching image.

Now I'm torn - do I ink this up, or stick with my original plan? What do you think?


Emperor said...

Oh buggery flip - I thought having someone else on the cover was a good idea but thems some mighty fine pencils there.

In the end it is your call but you will have to do something with that.

Dave Candlish said...

Yeah, I think if I can get Steven Denton to colour it up before he turns pro (have you seen the work he's doing with PJ?!) this could be a corker of a cover

Emperor said...

Yes I saw the samples PJ posted - stonking work!!

It was inevitable e was going to hit the Big Time. Have we run out of things to blackmail him with? ;)