Friday, 24 June 2022



Wilford Brimley has a little cameo in Bludd & Xandi - only in PARAGON 31!
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Wednesday, 15 June 2022

What's in PARAGON 31?

Classic Bulldog reprint from the pen of creator Jason Cobley (Brawler) with art by Neill Cameron (Phoenix comic)

James Grainger takes over for the finale of Bludd & Xandi, as previous artist Tom Newell has gone on to work for Tharg over at 2000AD! Mark Howard scripts as they bring this tale to a close.

We also have a double helping of art from Scott Twells as his work brings the end to Icarus Dangerous sequel, Mynx Tale (our cover story, as written by Dirk Van Dom)

And Greg Meldrum tells how Spencer Nero solves the issue of homelessness in his own inimitable way - by thumping them. Art, as always, by Scott.

32 pages of brilliant comics. BUY IT!

Saturday, 11 June 2022

PARAGON #31 kickstarter launched!

32 pages of the usual brilliance ready for you to back!
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Friday, 6 May 2022


The PARAGON annual is now only a tenner!
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Saturday, 29 January 2022

PARAGON #30 - what's inside?

Our quartet of quirky heroes combine forces to combat the evil of Echidna - a returning foe from Nero's past!
Back the kickstarter to read this amazing triple length tale, from regular contributors Greg Meldrum and Scott Twells.


Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Grab a magnificent BULLDOG t-shirt!

PARAGON#30 - the home of weird and wonderful heroes celebrates THIRTY issues of action anthology goodness!
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Friday, 14 January 2022

Kickstarter launched for PARAGON #30!

Not many comics reach thirty issues these days - and I don't just mean self published comics, either! Even the big US boys rarely let a comic hit those numbers and the 70's British anthologies never got that far with their Hatch, Match and Dispatch policy.

Yet here we are with a celebratory special, this 32 page A4 sized comic includes a 20 page adventure featuring the four main heroes of PARAGON;

Spencer Nero - the British agent with the super-powered Janus mask which he dons when indulging his penchant for punching Nazis,

Ganesh - the six-limbed superhero from the sub-Continent! A sci-fi take on the Hindu God,

Jikan - the time travelling, demon hunting samurai,

Bulldog - the anthropomorphic defender of the skies above Blighty.And cameos from several others from past stories!Written by Spencer Nero creator Greg Meldrum and ably illustrated by regular collaborator Scott Twells it is not to be missed!

Issue 30 also sees another one off story featuring the evil Major, the Ambassador from Hell, terrorising the streets of Edinburgh from top quality (dare I sayZarjaz?) creators Tom Proudfoot and George Colman - you are going to love it! 

This time around, rather than list back issues as an option to back you can choose what you would like as  an add-on. Back issue availability is VERY  limited so if you haven't got them, get in quick. Also as add-on extras are the utterly brilliant hardback Christmas annual (only a few left!) and the collected tales of Spencer Nero over two books and three volumes of The Jikan Chronicles - quality adventures for two of PARAGON's finest heroes! Read their escapades from the very beginning!

But that's not all! Also available as a backer option for your bundle of comic-y goodness is a BULLDOG t-shirt. If you've grabbed the t-shirts on offer on previous Kickstarters you'll need this to add to your collection. See the design at the bottom of this blurb - it's a belter!

Thirty issues of quality comics. You need this in your life! Back a copy! Tell your friends!