Tuesday, 15 September 2009

New review of #4

Ed Kaye over at Hypergeek has just posted a review of PARAGON 4 on his site


with some nice comments;

Ganesh - This story is hilarious! Issue two also sees Stephen Prestwood take over artwork chores from Dave Candlish. Prestwood bring a much more professional look to the book, and really helps to shake off the manga influence, giving the book a much more unique look

Undertow - This was a pretty interesting story, and had the feel of a good Terror Tale 2000 AD. I’m pretty interested to see where this one goes!

Wembley - Dave Candlish’s artwork on the strip is pretty basic, but he definitely has style!

And overall, this is still a solid collection that had tons of great stories and artwork. Battle Ganesh is probably my favourite strip out of them all, and as a series is packed full of potential

Who am I to argue?


Emperor said...

It is an impressive review and he really gets stuck into everything in detail.

One thing he mentions is making the previous issues available. I had a look at DriveThru and it looked useful (you can also make them free) and I note you can add comics to Clickwheel too (although Rebellion own the latter I notice they are also on DriveThru), we could also look into using Myebook which would allow people to read it online.

Dave Candlish said...

It's certainly something worth looking into in detail - it's probably the best way of increasing the readership as not everyone wants to fork out £3 for a printed version

Dave Candlish said...

Had a little try out of myebook with the first GANESH story as you can see from the latest blog entry. I'll need to look into it futher to see about charging for a full issue download