Sunday, 6 September 2009

Lego Ganesh - Building up nicely!

(Did you see what I did there with the title? Lego? Building? Never mind)
Just to prove I don't spend all Sunday morning sitting on the sofa in my underpants watching Babylon 5 DVDs, here's proof of what I've been working on today.
Is it genetically modified Russian sprinter, Igo Zoominoff?
Nope, it's my usual scruffy pencil work on Ganesh's latest nemesis - Deathwheel!
Now it's just a case of inking and tidying, and we're done. Stephen Prestwood has also got his script for the next episode of the Ganesh and his Gang in Space storyline and should be hard at work on that (although knowing Mr P, he's probably on Facebook doing another quiz, instead of at the drawing board), so it's all coming along nicely. If it keeps up at this pace, PARAGON 5 should be out for Christmas - so don't forget to tell Santa what you want in your stocking! (Although I'm going to ask for Monica Bellucci in mine - you never know your luck)


Emperor said...

Looking good!!

Sounds like you'll be wanting the next Undertow script sooner rather than later!!

Dave Candlish said...

Excellent! Thanks Emps. If you can crack on with that, I can move straight on to it once I've inked up Ganesh, and keep the ball rolling

Emperor said...

No pun intended I'm sure ;)