Sunday, 18 January 2015

Scratting around the digital page

You know in the Ice Age cartoon movies there is that squirrel creature bounding around chasing an acorn always trying to climb a wall or God-knows-what, desperately trying to find a purchase with his tiny claws?

That's my eyeballs with digital comic pages. My eyes just slip off the page; turn the page, see a digitally illustrated colour comic strip and, wheeee - turn the page again as I have nothing to focus on.

2000AD regularly has strips illustrated in this manner; ABC warriors, Slaine, American Reaper.... not read any of them. My eyes just glaze over at it. Doesn't matter who writes it, who draws it - if it's photoshopped, digitally enhanced faces I've got no chance of focussing on it.

And I think that is why I hate American Reaper so much. I was brought up on UK comics in the seventies with ten panel, hand drawn pages by the likes of Mike Western and Joe Colquhoun.
AR has maybe 5 panels the width of the page.
Are they going for the widescreen look? I dunno.
It's not as though I don't like the idea of the story; witness the Reaper Files painted by Fay Dalton - they are great. It's just that bloody photoshoppery. For me that's sixteen pages that could be put to much better use with something else - reprint, small press contribution, interviews, anything.

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