Saturday, 3 January 2015

Annual vs Annual

You know, I went to my LCS today and bought the Marvelman Annual. $5. 
That's £3.50. 
For what amounts to a Grant Morrison piece of fan fiction from the 80s padded out to 11 pages by having a couple of splash pages. The rest is basically filler. Hell, the whole thing was. It's no wonder they shrink wrap this comic, otherwise folk would just stand and read it in the shop. It took about three minutes to read.

For less than a quid you could get this 68 page PARAGON annual which will engross you for ten times as long.
Grant Morrison was unknown when he wrote the Kid Marvelman story. There are no star contributors to this particular issue ofPARAGON but if you are a reader of Zarjaz you will know the names of a lot of folk who contributed to this annual; Jim Campbell, Greg Meldrum, Mark Howard, Matthew McLaughin, Stephen Prestwood, Dirk Van Dom and more.

99p for the digital version. So much more worth it than wasting more cash on fewer pages from the American Big Boys
Take the plunge and download a copy. At less than a quid it may well be the bargain you've been hunting for.

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