Saturday, 24 August 2013

Slaine & 2000AD

Take a good look at that art. Now if you frequent the 2000AD forums or buy the Prog then you know who this is by. But honestly, if you didn't know it was by one of the founding artists of that great comic would you be impressed by it? It's flat. The anatomy is cartoonish at best. There's no grounding for the characters, no backgrounds to give a sense of placement - a cardinal sin in B&W comics - you can get away with this in coloured stuff by giving a striking palette to the frame, but here? No it doesn't work for me.
I was relieved to hear Slaine was to be drawn again instead of the photo-manipulated art of Clint Langley which we have had in recent years and which my eye slides off, but I was disappointed in this weeks art; if it had been sent in anonymously, on spec, I believe it would have been rejected - I know I would have turned it down for PARAGON. It's only because it's by Mick McMahon that people are loving it.

What say you?

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