Saturday, 17 August 2013


CLiNT is dead. STRIP struggles. The two great hopes for Brit comics have disappointed for different reasons.
I did buy the first few issues of CLiNT but decided soon after that reprints of Turf (which I had already bought) and Millar's shock comics did not really appeal to me (rape baby bomb? Really?). It's positioning as a lad's mag comic wasn't for me.
STRIP was much more my style - to the point where I almost gave up producing PARAGON as a mainstream comic was now doing (pretty much) what I wanted to read. Then it relaunched in WHSmiths and in that time I've produced more issues than they have! Now that can't be right, when a small press comic is more regular than the big(gish) boys!

Someone suggested elsewhere that perhaps CLiNT would benefit from one complete story per issue to combat it's erratic publishing schedule. A reviewer of PARAGON has previously suggested I should do the same, but is that fair on those who write eight pagers for me? I could print Wotan Walks in Weimar as a one shot, or Bludd & Xandi , or even the Jikan 3 parter (all stories I have lined up to appear in future issues!) but where would that leave Spencer Nero, Tommy Rocket and The Major? No, I think serialising and one off shorts is best - I LIKE anthologies; I grew up reading them and like the mix of action, adventure, sci-fi and horror. PARAGON may not be mainstream or available in Smiths but it's bloody good and worth investing your time - and a couple of quid - in every few months!

Issue 14 of PARAGON wraps up the Icarus Dangerous story in an extra length episode, sees another adventure for Jikan the time travelling demon hunting samurai - this time he returns to Japan but something isn't quite right; croc-aliens have invaded - and Spencer Nero, the British empirical adventurer who finds inhuman strength whenever he dons the ancient Janus mask reveals a darker side to his powers.

Out Next Month!

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