Sunday, 30 May 2010

Jikan and the Kappa King

An all new, three panel, newspaper style strip - exlusive to the blogspot - featuring the time travelling, demon hunting, Japanese warrior!
Let us know what you think and remember to come back next Monday for part two!


Dirk Van Dom said...

Cool little Locust-gremlin-thingies!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice idea and art Dave. Will tune in for the next episode deffo'.

When is Jikan 6 out?



Dave Candlish said...

Thanks guys. Fingers crossed, #6 should be out by the end of July!

Mark J. Howard said...

Nicely done. Looking forward to the next episodes, Jikan is a great concept and character.

matthew mclaughlin said...

Yeah, the great thing about Jikan is that he can be adapted to any kind of yarn - serious drama, action-adventure, horror and even comedy. Good stuff.