Sunday, 17 January 2010

First post of the year!

I was going to do a review of my cinematic high (and low) lights of the year for 2009 as my first post, but thought you'd prefer some pretty pictures and news instead;

Jikan carries on a pace; here's a pencil frame from the 15 page story I'm drawing, and James Corcoran has added a few panels to his blog from the script he is illustrating, entitled "Caves of Death" which you can see here

Along with a fantastic cover/pin-up from the talent that is Don Franco, and other contributions promised from the 2000ad boarders, this strip is going to run and run!

PARAGON #5 is due back from the printers next week, so keep an eye out to the right here; as soon as the cover appears there, it means I'll be taking orders! And believe me - it's a corker!

Oh, and regarding my top films of last year? In the order I saw them;

The Reader



Let The Right One In

State of Play

Star Trek

Inglorious Basterds

And the ones I might buy on DVD just so I can jump up and down on them to vent my fury at wasting my life watching them;

The Spirit


Honestly, they were shit!

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