Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Inside PARAGON #22

I'm sure you know that Ian Fleming worked in the British Secret Service during World War II.
And that Fleming and Christopher Lee were related. Lee also served in the war in the Special Forces.
Did you know that Jon Pertwee was interviewed by Fleming for a post at one point? (Pertwee served in the Navy)

Imagine that team; Fleming, Lee and Pertwee.
That's like James Bond, Doctor Who and Dracula!

What a team they would make for British Intelligence!
Read the first adventure for this super team up in the brand new issue of PARAGON!

Written by Dirk Van Dom
(from a plot by Dave Candlish)
And illustrated by David Metcalfe- Carr, it is not to be missed!

Order your copy by clicking HERE now!

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