Thursday, 6 November 2014

The return of the Annual!

It's heartening to see the resurgence of the Christmas Annual this year.

I don't mean the latest boy band fanzine in hardback form that populate the shelf of WHSmiths nor the latest exciting blockbuster film love-in that will you find nestled next to them. No, I mean old school annuals of comics from yesteryear such as;

Admittedly, they are reprint rather than new stories but I grew up reading these. The adventures of Roy Race were eagerly devoured by pre-teen me back in the 70s, along with the jingoistic adventures of plucky Tommies against the Japs and Jerries (who always seemed to cry AAIIEEE!!! or Gott in Himmel! respectively), not to mention the Colonial racism of some of the Hotspur tales; consider this introductory paragraph from The Wolf of Kabul...

Bill Samson, the top British secret agent, better known as The Wolf of Kabul, was with his manservant Chung in a British fort on the North-West frontier of India. Chung carried an old brass-bound cricket bat which he called Clicky Ba. It was a deadly weapon in his hands.

Ah, they don't write 'em like that anymore!

All this reminiscing (and you can do it too if you pop down to Sainsbury's and buy from their selection which also includes the Best of Topper, Beezer and Bunty, amongst others) made me decide that there will be a PARAGON annual this year so be sure to keep an eye on the blog as I reveal details of all new tales starring Jikan, Spencer Nero, Bulldog and the return of an old favourite - Icarus Dangerous!

Tell Santa you want one!

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Kid said...

And don't forget The Best of Whizzer & Chips Annual - definitely one for the Christmas stocking.