Sunday, 5 October 2014

PARAGON - the home of weird and wonderful heroes!

I often call PARAGON the home of weird and wonderful heroes, and it is;

Jikan, the time-travelling demon-hunting samurai,
Oor Ganesh, the adventures of the Hindu God (when he lived in Dundee!),
Spencer Nero, the British civil centurion,
El Bigote, the undead Mexican bandit who fires quills from his giant moustache,
Bludd & Xandi, the celestial law enforcers,
Winston Bulldog, the anthropomorphic defender of our shores,

and now

Franz Liszt, the first superstar of the classical music world!

What is Franz Liszt doing in the pages of PARAGON?

You need to buy the next issue to find out! Out soon!


Greg Meldrum said...

I predict a bout of Lisztomania heading PARAGON's way - and I can't wait to see it!

Dave Candlish said...

It's been a long time coming but hopefully it will be worth the wait!