Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Do You Prefer US Lite? Or Hearty UK Fare?

So I just read the Shadow Now #2 which was 22 glossy pages of glossy decompressed story interspersed with 10 pages of adverts plus covers. It took less than 15 minutes to read and cost £2.80 from Forbidden Planet. Throw in the option of variant covers and you've got everything that is wrong with US comics in a nutshell.

You could spend that much on an unsatisfyingly milky coffee from Costabucks and it would last as long.

This is why I prefer small press comics;
Zarjaz have just released their latest issue. It may be A5 in size but at least it has no adverts in.
Martillo is a one character book of short stories featuring a priest fighting evil in Franco's Spain.
The new PARAGON (out next month) has 44 pages (plus covers), A4 in size, 5 separate complete stories and no adverts - and all for £2.50

So tell me, what's your preference? US comics you can skim through?
Or a a hearty UK product to see you through the Winter months?

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Andy Wiltshire said...

Uk home grown, mighty meaty every time! Was that really a question, as there was only one answer?