Sunday, 1 September 2013

OH MY DOG! Bulldog is back!

30 years after creating the iconic small press character, Jason Cobley is bringing Bulldog back to print in PARAGON comic!

I have to admit to being extremely excited by this. Jason published BAM! (Bulldog Adventure Magazine) and it was this that got me interested in the idea of publishing my own comic, so to have his character added to the contents of PARAGON is huge for me. If you haven't read these stories, you should, and they can be downloaded from for FREE - 3 collections worth!

With Jikan, Spencer Nero, the upcoming Major taking the slot vacated by Icarus (which ends in #14), forthcoming stories such as a murder mystery set in the 18th century Weimar and 50s retro British X-files in Tommy Rocket and now Bulldog, we have a line up to die for!


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