Sunday, 2 June 2013

Who is the Doctor?

So the search is on for a new Doctor after Matt Smith announced he is leaving. I've enjoyed his interpretation but feel he has had some weak stories to contend with. Let's hope he goes out with good ones, with the 50th Anniversary story and the Christmas special still to come.

In an ideal world, either Paul McGann or Richard E Grant would resume the role but both are highly unlikely, for differing reasons, so I would like to see a short list include these chaps;

Richard Coyle - known to Stephen Moffat after working on Coupling with him years ago, he made a good fist of Strange which unfortunately only lasted a single series

Burn Gorman - known to most for his role in Torchwood, his quirky looks would make an intriguing choice

Stephen Mangan - has already posted on Twitter wearing a long scarf! His take on Dirk Gently was one I thoroughly enjoyed

Marc Warren - already been in Nu-Who but that wouldn't stop them casting him! I think he'd be great, very much in the modern style of Doctor Who

So who would be your choice?


Kid said...

Someone with a bit of gravitas, in the William Hartnell mould. Here's a crazy idea - why not John Hurt?

John Pitt said...

Or Sir Ian McKellen?