Thursday, 22 April 2010


So, I went to the flix this morning to see Clash of the Titans in 3D. I was the last one in, and as I looked up at the audience I thought I'd wandered into a Joe 90 lookalike convention with all those big framed glasses staring back at me

I'm old enough to remember the last 3D revival and those horrible cardboard specs with the green and red cellophane lenses which were bloody uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. I'm actually old enough to remember having a 3D viewfinder in the 70s, and it's that that the latest technology reminds me of - at times the effect can feel a bit forced, but overall it works well.

As for the film itself, if you can forget the Harryhausen version (and this is sufficiently different for you to be able to do so) this is a pretty decent action movie with a good few faces you'll recognise but probably can't put names to. Leave your brain and expectations at home, and you may enjoy it

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