Monday, 1 March 2010

JIKAN - hard at work!

With three artists hard at work on chapters of the Japanese demon hunting, time-traveling warrior, I thought I'd show you a couple of frames. Above is elchivo's rendition, below is James Corcoran's version. Both rather marvellous in their own way! I'm excited - I've read the scripts! I can't wait for issue 6 and beyond!


james corcoran said...

I promise he looks better as the pages go on works a bit mental at the moment, everything is pretty much penciled I'll get it all wrapped up as soon as possible. Nice to see Elvechio's version

matthew mclaughlin said...

James, your stuff is awesome! Stop fretting. I can't wait to see the strip complete. And El Chivo's as well.

Dave Candlish said...

Each artist has brought their own style, and each is great in their own way. The collected edition is going to be AWESOME!