Wednesday, 3 February 2010


Yes indeed boys and girls! It's here. It's Out! And on sale!
Featuring 3 (Yep! THREE! Count 'em!) Ganesh tales; the next episode of Undertow, in which the mystery men from part two explain their involvement with John Hyde; and Julian Ruby goes on the hunt for a midget and a time traveller!
From the talents of Steven Denton, Stephen Prestwood, Dave Candlish and the Emperor
32 A4 pages all for £3.50 (no extra postage)
Just click the link on the right!


Emperor said...

3? And I thought I was pushing it with 2 ;)

matthew mclaughlin said...

Ganesh is the man - er, the elephantman - so why not? Ha, good to know Dave! I'll purchase this shortly!

Dave Candlish said...

Yup, not only do we have the main strip drawn by Stephen Prestwood, but also Ganesh v Deathwheel, and the little Oor Ganesh strip I drew has sneaked in there too!

Emperor said...

Nice one - I liked that and it would have been a shame for it not to see print.

If Deadpool can have 5 ongoing series and numerous spin-offs (I've lost count) then this seems appropriate.

In fact there must be room for a Ganesh/Deadpool crossover. I will phone Marvel right now and make it happen. No joke, but before the wild Deadpool exposure I had a plan for a crossover with Sun & Moon (it was about the third story idea I thought of for them) - it was going to be "The Merc With the Mouth Meets the Bounty Hunters Who Chunter." Nowadays it'd just be silly (when previously it was clearly a great idea ;) ) but one with Ganesh... Nurse, I'm read for the opium enema now and please take away this Internet.