Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Ganesh on Myebook

I've received an email from myebook.com to tell me the first Ganesh episode has had over a thousand readers.! Which is nice.

The word is spreading. Slowly, but spreading!

On other PARAGON news, after a recent call to arms for writers to take over the reigns on Jikan, I now have a veritable stable of writers hard at work on scripts for the time travelling, demon hunting Japanese warrior. Expect to see him hurtling through the time vortex again very soon!


versestovasu said...

Just had a readthrough of issue 4, and I thought the Ganesh strip was great - quite a cool character to use as the foundation of Paragon. Well done! The mag keeps getting better with every issue.


Dave Candlish said...

If you thought issue 4 was great wait till you see no. 5! I'm itching to show some previews!

Emperor said...

I can't wait!! The bits I've seen are seriously impressive (the art that is, of course ;) ).

Also note the Ganesh myeBook has romped past 2,000 views. Time for a Paragon community!!