Sunday, 18 October 2009

Ganesh/Strontium Dog crossover chaos?

Well we've had the small press crossover and Ganesh meeting Tozo, so I suppose it was inevitable this would happen again. This time it appears our betrunked hero has run into Mr Sun and Mr Moon, two characters from an early Strontium Dog story (the first one I read in fact) that I brushed off and brought back from Hell itself and sneaked them into FutureQuake Press' Dogbreath, the SD fanzine. One can only wonder at the cheek of them for insulting Ganesh's large, strange head. They would try the patience of a saint - it is just lucky Ganesh is a god or they'd be roundhoused straight back to Hell. Click for a larger version.

The drawing is from Dave Evans who is not only one of the FQP editors but is not a shabby letterer or pencil jockey under the nom-de-plume Bolt-01 (his work can be found popping up all over the British small press comics scene). As he was sending my contributor copies (as I have something in three of their titles this time round: Zarjaz, Dogbreath and Something Wicked) I thought I'd get him to throw in a bundle of the early issues they have, which came with the offer of a free sketch. The topic was too good to resist and the result is far better than I could hope for.

Now I'd better go and finish the Undertow script so we can get the next issue polished off and out by Christmas. Keep watching this space for developments.

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Dave Candlish said...

Niiice. Always good to see another artists take on a subject. I've got another ganesh piece to post up here as well - try and get that done this weekend